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Child Mind Institute: Caregiver Summer Support Series

Our School and Community Programs team would like to invite NYC DOE families to join us for our upcoming Caregiver Summer Support Series. Workshops will be delivered in both English and in Spanish, and will offer techniques to manage stress, de-escalate confrontations between siblings, and practice self-care. Please follow the links below to learn more about each workshop and to register.

Caregiver Summer Support Series (English)– Learn More & Register Here

Caregiver Summer Support Series (Spanish)– Learn More & Register Here

PTA Meeting Updates: Elections

At our June PTA Meeting on June 16 at 6pm, we had PTA, SLT and Title I PAC Elections. Here are the results:

PTA Elections:

A grievance was filed against the PTA election at PS 503 held on 6/16/2021. Upon review by District 20 Superintendent and FACE, the grievance filed against the PS 503 election is upheld. 
An expedited election will be held in September. Chancellor’s Regulation A-660 will be followed for this election.

SLT Elections: Abel Garcia, Tracy Lin

Title I PAC Representatives: Yesenia Placencia

Thank you to staff and families who attended our PTA meeting on Wednesday, May 19 at 6pm. Here are the slides from the Principals Report.

June Message to Families from Chancellor Porter

Please see the June 18 letter from Chancellor Porter regarding information about Juneteenth and the end of the year.

NYC School Survey for Families – Deadline Extended to June 18!

This is a very exciting time as we prepare for end of the year celebrations, transitions, and summer plans.  It is also the time of the year when we ask families to complete the NYC School Survey.  The Survey is an opportunity for families to share their voices and give feedback about our school.  We value your opinion and want to know what your priorities are for your child’s education.  We will use your responses to make improvements in our school for next year.  Please know that all surveys are anonymous and you will need your child’s OSIS number to complete the survey.  This information was emailed to you on May 20th.  If you need support completing the survey, we have families supporting families at arrival.  You can also email info@ps503online.org for support. 

  • All students whose parents submit a NYC Survey will be eligible for “Time with the Teacher” to do fun remote and in person enrichment activities such as games, dance, music, art, and many more! 

Thank you to all of the families who have completed the survey and looking forward to hearing from others!

NYS Emergency Rental Assistance Program

The New York State Emergency Rental Assistance Program (ERAP) will provide significant economic relief to help low and moderate-income households at risk of experiencing homelessness or housing instability by providing rental arrears, temporary rental assistance and utility arrears assistance.

For more information and to apply, go to this link:

Adult English Classes at PS 503

We are so very excited to offer English as a second language adult classes to our families! We have 2 certified teachers that will be teaching the class. The classes begin Wednesday June 2nd @ 8p-9:30p and will take place every Monday & Wednesday 8p-9:30p via Zoom.  

Please join us on Zoom:
Meeting ID: 834 2598 8254                       
Passcode: 730326

Blended Learning June 2021 Calendar

Wondering what day your child has in-person learning? Please refer to the June Calendar for your child’s cohort schedule for in person as well as remote blended learning. 

D20 Conversations with the Superintendent, June 8th & June 10th

District 20 Superintendent Pretto is inviting students and families from across the district to meet with him to discuss designing student-centered learning experiences. If you are interested in sharing your needs and wishes for the school year 2021-2022, please register for the community conversations using the links below.

STUDENT SESSION (K-8) : Tuesday, June 8th 1:00 – 2:00 pm
Student Session Registration (English): https://forms.gle/yFCFXBQCtPx16M5Q9
Student Session Registration (Español): https://forms.gle/UAcoMfoE9dk1VgqJ9
Student Session Registration (Chinese/中文): https://forms.gle/tBxtJMAtPdM9Y8ok9
Student Session Registration (Arabic): https://forms.gle/tBxtJMAtPdM9Y8ok9

FAMILY SESSION: Thursday June 10th 4:00 – 5:00 pm
Family Session Registration: https://forms.gle/UGFBPjnsZcEs47S19
Family Session Registration (Español): https://forms.gle/Dt4jSVnfb4Qd7a9m9
Family Session Registration (Chinese/中文): https://forms.gle/ENPpoYxR1wyW2sqf6
Family Session Registration (Arabic): https://forms.gle/VVUbqufgcfvngRkP7

PS 503 Community Painting Project

We have exciting news! Under the direction of Ms. Izzo, our school will be taking part in a very special art project that will uplift the school community with beautiful expressions of art! 

What positive message would you like to share or celebrate with the PS 503 Community?   The “message” could take the form of words or images, or a combination. The school community will put their ideas individually  on paper, then paint on a board to be attached to the outside fence for all to enjoy. It is open to all school families and staff, whether you are remote or in person.

Some students have begun sharing places they love, places they miss, causes they care about, public service announcements, Pikachu, and lots of Spring flowers and gardens. They are sharing images of Sunset Park and things and people they love!  

All art materials are provided by the school.

This includes: A 6” x 9” board, Acrylic paints, Brushes

  • Remote Families can come and pick up their materials  anytime between 8:30-2p Monday-Friday. 
  • In person students will paint with their art teachers in school.
  • Please return the boards by the June 10th deadline.

PS 503 Virtual PTA Meeting Updates

SLT Meetings Agenda & Minutes – Tuesday, May 18

Here is a document for all SLT Meeting Agendas & Minutes for 2020-2021 meetings.

District 20 Leadership Team Meetings Videos for March & April

Please see the links below for the D20 Leadership Team Meetings in March & April.

District 20 Leadership Team (DLT) Meeting – March 19, 2021

District 20 Leadership Team (DLT) Meeting – April 16, 2021

PS 503 Family Meeting with the Principal Updates

Thank you to all the families and staff members who  joined us on Tuesday, 5/11 for a very informative family meeting!  We appreciate your questions and feedback. 

Important Announcements:

  • Summer Rising Program – Application is open! Please see the information below about how to get support completing the application.
  • Middle School Offers are now available in MySchools accounts!
  • NYC School Family Survey – Share your thoughts about our school! You can complete one survey per child, even if they are in the same school. The code is “f” and your child’s 9-digit OSIS number. Please reach out to your child’s teacher or email info@ps503online.org if you need support.

Please refer to the slides shared at the meeting for information and links.

Summer Rising at PS 503

PS 503 has been added to the list of schools on the Summer Rising summer program. The Summer Rising Program consists of summer school in the morning and summer camp in the afternoon and is open to all interested families. It will take place July 6 through August 20. 

If you are interested in having your child attend the Summer Rising program, please complete the application as soon as possible. 

  • Create an account using the sign-in button at the top
  • Search for a program – PS 503 Beacon Summer Rising
  • Add an applicant
  • Complete & submit the application. 
  • If you need support we will have a table set up at arrival with translation available to help families apply.  You can also email info@ps503online.org to request support.

Grades 3-5 State Test Update: Testing Request Form

  • Open to students in blended learning and remote learning
  • If your child is 100% remote, & you choose to have them take the test, they will need to come to the building to take the test (one day only for each test)
  • If you would like your child to take the tests you will need to complete this request form:  PS 503 State Testing Request Form – complete this form by for each child who you would like to take the exam

Whether your child is in blended learning or remote learning If you do not submit a request by April 15th, your child will not take the tests.

  • June 9 – Gr 4 Science Test

If you need support, or if you have any questions, please email info@ps503online.org.

Create your New York City Student Account (NYCSA)!

Need support creating your NYCSA? We can help you in-person at arrival or you can email info@ps503online.org. Here is a video that can support you!

Anti-Asian Anti-bias Resources

I know that we are all troubled by recent events and the rise of bias and discrimination against all marginalized groups, and most recently against Asian Americans.  Special recognition to PS 503 teachers for acknowledging this disturbing trend and responding with community and action.  Teachers have put together resources for learning about teaching about Anti-Asian bias.

We encourage and support teachers in discussing these topics in their classrooms with students. Families can email info@ps503online.org with any questions or suggestions.

We are here as a community to support all of our students and families.  Please know that as always we are thinking of you.

PS 503 Family Meeting Updates & Resources

Thank you to all of the staff & families who joined us for the PS 503 Families Meeting on Wednesday, March 10. Below, we have also highlighted the important community resources that we shared at the meeting.

COVID Testing Consent Forms

Blended Learning students are required to have one of the following forms on file:

There is no change for students who are in 100% remote learning. Remote Learning students will continue with their Zoom schedule and Google Classroom.

If you have any questions, please email info@ps503online.org.

COVID Testing In Schools Video

In school COVID-19 testing has begun for staff and students. The testing consent forms have been sent home to all students in blended learning. Please watch this in-school COVID-19 testing video below if you would like to see exactly how the testing procedure will go. You will be notified on the day of testing if your child has been selected for random testing. Your child will not be tested without parental consent.   Testing is recommended but not required. 

Please email info@ps503online.org if you have any questions or concerns and we will respond within 2 business days.

Requesting a Learning Device

PS 503 has devices available for students who are in need. If you need a device or your device is not working, please email info@ps503online.org for support.

PS 503 School Forms

If you have not yet completed school forms for your child, please complete the following forms below:

DOE Health Screening Form

As we discussed at the meeting, each family whose children are in Blended Learning must complete the DOE Health Screening for their children prior to coming into the school building EVERY TIME. Children will not be permitted to enter the building without a completed Health Screening.

To support families with this online tool, here are some videos that show how to complete the DOE Health Screening Form:

DOE Health Screening Form

DOE Learning Preference Form for 100% Remote Learning

If you would like your child to learn 100% remotely, you can complete the DOE Learning Preference Form at any time to sign up for 100% remote learning. Please email us at info@ps503online.org with any questions.

For more information visit: https://www.schools.nyc.gov/coronavirus

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PS 503: The School of Discovery and Exploration is safe place where all members of our diverse community learn side by side with one another. Habits of mind are taught, practiced, valued, and infused into our culture. It is our mission to welcome and celebrate all peoples and to nurture them to be more reflective, cooperative, and kindhearted.
It is our expectation that all P.S. 503 members: staff, families, and students, will grow academically and gain the skills to help solve social, environmental, economic, and political world problems.

Statement on Accessibility: We are working to make this website easier to access for people with disabilities, and will follow the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0If you need assistance with a particular page or document on our current site, please contact amartelli@ps503online.org to request assistance.

Respect for All (RFA) Liaison: Yesen Jimenez